World Malaria Day

Today, April 25th marks WORLD MALARIA DAY, a day instituted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2007 to raise global awareness of the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria prevention and control. Malaria kills an estimated 627,000 people every year.  Most deaths occur among children under 5 years old, living in Sub-Saharan Africa where a child dies every minute from malaria. Crazy as all this sounds, MALARIA IS PREVENTABLE AND CURABLE!  Government and Non-Government Organizations here in Guinea are combining their efforts to focus on 2 areas, the prevention of malaria with the use of mosquito nets and the proper diagnosis and treatment of people infected with malaria.  Free mosquito nets have been distributed to communities throughout Guinea in 2013.  Currently, there are various campaigns being conducted to follow-up with these communities to ensure their nets are hung up and that families are using them on a regular basis.   The next phase of malaria activities will entail the training of health professionals throughout the country on how to properly diagnose and treat malaria infected patients.  Medicine and diagnostic resources will be distributed by various NGOs working together in efforts to reduce malaria here in Guinea.  Peace Corps Volunteers throughout Guinea, continue to conduct educational trainings and host awareness activities encouraging communities to make daily steps toward reducing and eventually eliminating this serious illness that touches everyone’s lives on a daily basis here in Guinea.Photo 6


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