Laughter is everywhere.  Laughter is medicine.  Here in Guinea,  it is the glue that binds communities together.  When I find myself laughing with those around me, I feel connected with those I am with, no matter what language we speak or culture we are from.  Laughter feeds the soul in ways we cannot express.   I am beginning to realize that my efforts to be bien integre (well integrated) here in Guinea stem from the willingness to smile through uncertainty and to join in the laughter that fills the streets.  I woke this morning to the sound of laughter from the school children next door, filling my heart with joy.  I stepped into the office to greet my colleagues with smiles that feed my soul.  Laughter left me with tears in my eyes, as my language teacher, Makan, recounted his first time at a hotel that had a “mini-bar” in his room refrigerator.  And as I close, I hear laughter in the office next door.  All is well.


One thought on “Laughter

  1. Right along with laughter I think a sense of humor is right up there on my list as one of the most important characterists a person can have. It can get you thru a lot of difficult times.

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